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Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park New Zealand

Kaiteriteri MTB Park is situated 60kms from Nelson and 13kms from Motueka, near the top of the South Island of New Zealand. This lesser known MTB park really has some great trails to be enjoyed by riders of all abilities and has a great feel whilst smashing around the benched in single track that flows nicely up, down and around the park. I highly recommend riding here if you have a couple of spare hours and you are around the Nelson area…

2011 Singlespeed Nationals, Eagle Mountain Bike Park, Adelaide

Bikes and beer, what more could you want?? Throw in a national MTB race… and bingo!! That’s a recipe for a great weekend, and the Eagle Mountain Bike Park in the Adelaide Hills was the perfect venue for the 2011 Singlespeed National Championships. The mountain bike park has about 21km of  XC trails, with the race being conducted on a loop about 6.5 km’s long. The riding  is awesome with a mix of fast flowing singletrack and some more technical rocky sections. Think You Yangs if you are a Melbourne based rider. The park also has a DH specific run, a skills development area, a jumps park and a trials area and is located just 12km’s SE from the centre of Adelaide.

The race itself was fun, with awesome trails, people dressed up as superhero’s, beer, a BBQ, a dash for cash and of course the Huffy toss!! The Singlespeed nationals is more than a race, there are activities spread over the whole weekend for all to enjoy, and everybody is there for a good time. I highly recommend it to those who enjoy to ride the one geared machines.

Riding, Riding, Riding

Here is a clip of a few of the places I have been riding over the first six months of the year, from night riding to fun at Forrest with mates, enjoy..

Smith`s Gully

Smith`s Gully is located 35km`s North East of Melbourne on the St Andrews-Kangaroo Ground Road, heading towards Kinglake. The ride starts at the General Store, and if you have found your way around the mix of singletrack and fire road, you will end up back at the store to complete the ride.

The trails at Smith`s Gully are not legalised trails, therefore there is no signage around the area. Although you would not be able to tell by the amount of riders hitting up the tracks on weekends. The trail starts along the main road and then shoots off into single track at Boomers reserve, from there it is a bit ‘follow your nose’ unless you have someone with trail knowledge with you. There is a mix of fire road and singletrack, and if you had a map of the area (even a Melways) you would be hard pressed to get completely lost.

The loop I recently completed was around 25km`s and took around 2hours and 30 minutes, that was at a very cruisy pace. There are a couple of decent climbs to remind your legs that you are Mountain Biking, and the majority of the trails hold up reasonably well in the wetter months. Overall this area is a great place to ride and explore, and I highly recommend a burger at the General Store after your ride!!!

Forrest Mountain Bike trails… Victoria

With the weather forecast for a sunny day and 28 degrees the choice was easy when asked to head down to Forrest and ride the Mountain bike trails.

Forrest is just over 2 hours drive from Melbourne, heading toward Geelong via the Princes Freeway. Using the bypass head toward Apollo Bay via Moriac. Once you get to Forrest the Mountain Bike network is broken into 2 distinct riding areas, the Yaugher Trail head and the Southern Trail head. We had the pleasure of riding both areas, and can I say they are both equally enjoyable, especially with a group of mates.

There is around 50km`s (give or take a few) of Mountain Bike specific trails with something to suit riders of most abilities. The trails are well built and maintained and I guarantee you will head home with a smile on your face after a days riding around the area.

There are map boards at the trail heads for both areas and the trails are well sign posted. Below is a link to a website that will give you all the info you need about riding, eating and sleeping in the area.. May I recommend Red Carpet and Marriners run.. Just an idea. Get down there and enjoy!! (Also get into the new Brewery that has opened up, nice food and good beer..Its a blue weather board place!!)

Also check out for the tunes from this clip and more of his musical masterpieces!!

Stonefly Trail.. Mt Buller, Victoria

After hearing so much hype about the new mountain bike trails at Mt Buller, especially the Stonefly loop I was lucky enough to get up there to check it out first hand.

With the smell of fresh country air in the Buller car park we set off toward Howqua Gap, the starting point for the Stonefly loop. After a few navigational errors, some sweet single track and a couple of climbs we arrived at the hut at Howqua gap,  all eager with anticipation to check out what has been dubbed Australia`s finest trail.. The loop is around 10km`s long with around 6km`s of climbing(with a few undulating bits to wet your appetite for whats to come). The climbing finishes when you reach the hut just below the summit of Mt Sterling. It`s here you realise, if you have not already, that you are truely in Victoria`s high country… What a place to be!! From the hut all I can say is WOOP, WOW, GIDDY UP!!! What an amazing run back down to where it all began… The ride can take anywhere between 1-2 hours, so make sure you take plenty of supplies with you, this is not your regular 35-40min 10km loop.

The video is of the first 6km`s climbing upto the above mentioned hut, you can clearly see the work that has gone into building the trail with bridges and rocks making a clear passage way across many of the small fresh water creeks and obstacles, you even get to ride across a waterfall!!

Mt Buller is one of the nicest places to ride, and with an ever growing MTB trail network developing this is a must visit location before the Winter months kick in.

I also have to mention for providing the tunes for this clip, hopefully I will be using more of his music over the coming months on my pleb vids or at least until he is famous and has forgotton all about!!

Riding the Sapphire Coast and Canberra

Over the past couple of weeks I have been lucky enough to have had holidays. Instantly I thought bikes, Sarah my partner thought relaxing… mmm a compromise was needed.

Step forward and we were on our way to Merimbula, located on the Sapphire Coast of Southern NSW, and yes we had our bikes with us too. The plan was too check out many of the great riding locations around the area and document them using my new GOPRO HD Camera.. All of the riding we did was achievable by people with a basic level of fitness and skill. I did it all on the single speed to give you an idea..

I wont go into too much detail about the riding and areas we visited, I plan to do thorough reviews when time permits, what I have done  is a compilation, a montage if you like of our experiences riding the Sapphire Coast and also Mt Stromlo in Canberra. What I will say is that  it`s  an awesome place to holiday, ride and relax.. Roll the film…

Lake Mountain Granite Grind Loop

Hi all, welcome to 2011. I hope everyone had a safe Christmas and a happy New year. 2011 promises to be an exciting year in the world of 29er Bikes.

On a personal note I am hoping to continue writing and improving my blog and sharing my thoughts on 29er`s, rides and general bike related products during the year.

I have been lucky enough to have some time off over the Christmas  break and decided to head  up to Lake Mountain to check out the mountain bike trails that I have been hearing about.

Lake Mountain is pleasant 2hr 30min drive from Melbourne, heading through the Yarra Valley, across the spectacular Black Spur, to the township of Marysville at the base of the mountain. From Marysville to Lake Mountain its a leisurely 20 min drive to the car park.

Both Marysville and Lake Mountain were affected by the terrible Black Saturday bush fires with both areas currently undergoing massive rebuilding efforts. These communities rely heavily on tourist dollars to keep them ticking, so stop in and grab a drink or a feed on your way up or back down the mountain.

Once you get to the car park you start to realise the full devastation the bush fires caused, with the badly burnt trees and vegetation everywhere you look.

The main loop at Lake Mountain is called Granite Grind, it is about 10 km`s long and is marked with blue trail markers. The trail head itself starts at the car park with a trail marker with the number 7 indicating the beginning of the ride (the trail is well marked all the way around the loop)

As soon as you hit the trail you start to climb through the burnt Snow Gums towards the summit of Lake Mountain. Once at the summit, stop and take in the scenery, then start heading downhill along fire road, from here its down, down, down, with some tight turns, small rocky sections and timber bridges to negotiate along the fast flowing single track.

Eventually the downhill plateaus out and as you cross the bitumen road that you recently drove up there is a little more fun before the climb back up to the car park starts.

The climb back to the starting point is a decent one, but is well disguised by the well made trail and  switch backs that will have you back at the car before you know it.

Flame Trees Single Track

Riding around North East Victoria is always sweet, and finding new trails is even sweeter. When I heard that there was a couple of km`s of new single track running along the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail (a section between Everton and Beechworth) I thought I better go and check it out!

There is about 3-4km`s of track on either side of the main Rail Trail, with small sections of single track ducking off into the bush and back out onto the Rail Trail. The trail is sign posted and is easy to find. It is pretty obvious where the single track runs out, and that`s when it`s time to turn around and ride back on the other side of the trail.

The ride up and back takes around 20-25 mins depending on your pace, so a couple of loops is probably in order.

In its current state the trail is fun but I wouldn`t head to Beechworth with the sole purpose of just riding the Flame Trees single track, but there is plans to extend the single track to around 30km`s… now that sounds more like it!! But if you are in the area, maybe at the MTB Park it is definitely worth a roll down the Rail Trail to check it out…

Tumut State Forest Recreational Trails

After a busy weekend in Canberra attending the SS Nationals we decided to make a slight detour on the way home via Tumut to check out some trails. Tumut is located in Riverina NSW at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, and is only a short drive off the Hume Highway.

The trail network is located near the Tumut Golf Club, off Fairway Drive, along a dirt road with The Trail Head identified by a small car parking area and a map/notice board. The main trail starts a little further along the dirt road and is easily seen thanks to the very nice trail marker. All of the trails are very clearly marked with direction arrows and km markings, so getting lost wont be an issue on the main trails.

The Trail network itself is made up of 3 trails, with the Mundowie loop and the Womboyne trail the two main trails. The Mundowie loop is 3.3kms, and the Womboyne Trail 2.3km`s. These loops are not overly technical, but do have a couple of nice pinches that will make sure the legs get a decent workout. The trails flow really well and look like they hold up well in all weather conditions. We spent just under an hour riding around the 2 main tracks and really enjoyed the continuity of the trails. The trails can be ridden either direction too, which may add a bit more to the ride if that is what you are looking for.

The third trail is the GC Mile, a 1.6km slightly more technical track the leads back to the trail head, it is a bit tighter and rougher with a few granite rock obstacles to keep you on your toes, but nothing to sketchy.

Overall these trails are fun, I wouldn`t go there if I was looking for an all day epic ride, or a super technical day in the saddle. But if you are looking for a fun ride, that is not to challenging and enjoy nice flowing single track it may well be worth the detour to Tumut to have a bit of fun…After all isn`t that what Mountain Biking is about??